New Sheet Metal Pattern Query

I think I have made a mistake in thinking it is possible to animate a flat pattern back into its original formed state in Inventor. This would be extremely useful to my company to demonstrate some new ideas to customers, and help them visualize what we can do.

Ive had a search through the forums and tutorials but to no avail (yet) so heres hoping one of you guys or girls can help me out here!

Cheers everyone from a newbie here :slight_smile:

wow your right. that would be incredible. It would not only demonstrate the construction but also show the before flat pattern and the after result. unfortunately i have no idea how to do this, but if someone does i think it would benefit us all greatly. if not, im writing a letter to autodesk.

Sorry I can’t be of any help in this situation as I don’t know Inventor, but this is yet another reason to love SolidWorks.

It does have this capability.

Maybe think about acquiring 1 seat (at least) of SolidWorks for your company?

I know it’s a pain going form Autodesk to SolidWorks* but it can be done if that’s an option.

*I know first hand from doing it at 2 companies I’ve worked for so far.

$@#$@#$@#$@# ! Solidworks was one option I looked at but got sent to a seminar run by a distributor. Everything they demo`d looked great and it just slipped my mind that this would be a really great thing If it could be done. May have to contact them or Autodesk to see if its possible or whether it could be incorporated into an upgrade (which we are intitled to free for another 9 months) :slight_smile:

cheers guys

ps if anyone else reads this and knows if it can be done and how plz plz plz let me know :slight_smile:

yea speaking of which, does anyone know if twelve is coming out before next build season?