New Show: FIRST Help Now Premieres Thrs. 8:30pm EST

Announcing FUN’s latest show: FIRST Help Now. This is in collaboration with FHN featuring hosts Libby Kamen and Mike Heimlich. FHN will feature advice, answers, and live calls to help your FRC team succeed.

Our first guest will be Steve Harvey from FRC1678 Citrus Circuits. It is our intention to feature guests from many countries on this show in the future.

Come and join us on Thursday at 8:30pm Eastern if you want to watch live!

Archived: along with your question and skype name.

Hope you can make it to watch!

Heh I wish :rolleyes:. Think you got the team number wrong there, Tyler.

I have no clue what you are talking about… Isn’t 1678 Citrus Circuits?

Oh you sneak.

You can’t hide the evidence;)

Is this the same FIRST Help Now listed on The Blue Alliance?

Yes it is

See hionwind tonight at 5:30 pm PST.

We’re starting live in a few minutes. Hope you can join us.

Congrats on the sub button!

Just letting you know, sub-only mode means that non-subs cannot participate in chat… This would be the… 2nd FRC-related channel to get a sub button?


This was turned on by default and fixed part of the way though the show. We plan on having chat open for all :). Thanks for your feedback.

Is there a link we can follow to the FUN shirts from Two Pencil Designs?

Dozer global emote when