New skateboard... Just imagine the robotics drive applications this would create

Let’s face it, I’m way too old to be hopping on a skateboard (or so some people tell me) but this would be awesome to intergrate into a robotics drive system application I think.


Reminds me of my nephews toys which you push on the head of the creature in the train and it goes forward further the more you press…


Having a game where your robot had to skateboard would be really cool.:]

Remember back in the day where you got those toy cars for your birthday that you pushed to the ground and pulled toward you, and it winded it up, and when you let the car go, it would never go as far enough to compare to the effort you put into winding it up? … It sounds like that.

What if the robot had base with four unpowered wheels like a skate board. Then there were two arms with some kind of treads that could push of the ground like a skater’s foot. (except both feet would be used in this case). Maybe to brake or slow down there could be some kind of device like that of a scooter where you press down on a piece of metal, and the scooter brakes. (I’m not sure if that made sense at all)

Reminds me of this:

I don’t agree with the comments on the blog, while I think it might look a bit odd at first, and the maximum height looks somewhat dangerous, I think that could be quite a unique way to ride around.

Just found the skateboard again. It’s on sale this time. lol

I may invest in one. Just because. :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting concept. Looks like its mainly a way to getting around and isnt meant for tricks and such. It reminds me alot of those rail cars that your have 2 people push up and down to move.

What you are talking about sound like a good project a team could fool around with before or after the main season is over. I am not so sure on the break thing, what would you use? Pneumatics?

The skate board looked cool. That skate looked dangerous to use, I dont think it would be something that I would use.