New Social Network for FIRST Robotics - Yopyip

Welcome to the new social network for FIRST Robotics. Its like nothing you have ever seen before.


Give it a look at

What does this new website do that aren’t already accomplished by Facebook and Chief Delphi?

From just browsing through it I think the idea was to have a website that was a sort of Facebook and CD baby. Instead of Yopyip they might have considered The Chiefbook or Face Delphi? :smiley: It looks like a nice form though.

It is a new, modern, clean, and simpler kind of social network. It makes chatting with other FRC members much easier with realtime notifications.

Honestly I’d prefer vBulletin to a Wix/AJAX forum thingamajig. But I do like the design. It is indeed modern, clean, and simple.

Looks quite promising - should be interesting to see if this takes off!

As I’m sure you’re looking to improve, just letting you know I found a typo in the last sentence of the “Share” section on the “About” page. Sentence reads “Sharing with easy other could never be more easy.” I’m guessing it should be, “Sharing with each other could never be more easy.”

I like it . It looks clean but could use a little more “pop of color” to draw the interest in. I think this could really take off given some time.

Hopefully, it can handle the mass influx of CDers and linked users as a result of this thread :wink:

I anxiously await it to load.

Well, made an account. Time to see if this takes off or not. Looks like a respectable amount of accounts have been made so far.

Thank you everyone for all the comments. I hope it does get bigger, we will see what happens. Spread the news though! It is the beta version so yes it will be improving throughout the weeks, you will see that for sure. :slight_smile:

Again, keep checking for updates!


There will be an updated version to Yopyip which includes

  • Layout update
  • Typeface update
  • New forum topics
  • Theme update

Exciting stuff is coming! **The update will hit July 1st! **


Is there a story behind the name or did it just sound cool to you?
also great idea i really hope this takes off

I’m curious, did you research any other forum platforms before deciding to use Moot? What made you choose Moot over an open source alternative like Discourse?

So when one links their Facebook account, it won’t make all their information visible to everyone, right?

There is a story actually! I started with this idea in my head 3 years ago, and through the 3 years of developing the idea and thinking of what the name could be, I felt like it needed to have its own name, nothing related to robotics. Something that was modern, fun, and cool to say. Yopyip really came from the words “Talk (changed to yop) and hip (changed to yip)”. Talkhip meant that you could talk about the “hip” things that were going on in FIRST robotics. But, I chose something else that was more fun :slight_smile:

I chose Moot because it is open source. You can modify it and it is totally free, customizable, and different. It just fit the websites needs very well. :slight_smile:

Made an account, really hope this takes off! It seems a lot easier to talk to other teams on this so good luck!

Here is the update for Yopyip. Come join the conversation! Over 30 teams have joined!


I think the registration should have been a little more FIRST-specific. With everyone using nicknames and no profile or other info, it becomes difficult to know who you’re talking to (student from a FIRST team? Mentor? Engineer?). Also, giving the option of linking to facebook makes the community a bit more separated since half the members will have real names and the other half nicknames

CD provides labels and team number associations, which would have been good to add at registration to at least have a profile. Also, CD tracks users in terms of post count and other things, so you can tell if your questions or comments are getting looked at and responded to by “experts”.

I do agree with you. While Yopyip does not have some of those things, it does however have a clean look and feel. It also makes communicating with others in FIRST more seamless and makes it simpler to share information. I don’t intend to replace Chief Delphi, but I do intend to give FIRST a better place to communicate. :slight_smile: Thanks for the input!