New software??

I’ve heard too many rumors about the new parallax (forgive my spelling) software. I would like hard evidence, maybe a link or news release, and possibly some advantages of using the new stuff. Thanks alot for the help and time!!!

team update 1 page #3:

The version PBASIC 2.5 editor will not be released by Parallax until Friday, January 10th.
On Friday, it will be released in beta form to FIRST teams only and will be available
exclusively on the Innovation First, Inc. website ( Due to this
delay, we have released a second version of the default code that does not require the new

There are two versions of default code loaded in the 2003 Robot Controller. The default
code (DEF) is for 2-Stick driver control. The default code (USER) is for 1-Stick driver

The default code shipped in your Robot Controller (both USER and DEF) does not contain
the code that stops PWM devices with limit switches. We recommend you re-load the
default code (located at if this feature is needed.
The default code shipped also contains test code. This is activated with sw2 of the channel
switch. If you intend to use a channel dongle to access alternate channels, we recommend
you re-load the default code (located at Refer to the competition
port pinout guide on the documentation page for information on accessing alternate channels.


if/then/else - more logical programming style
SELECT - do different things based on ranges of numbers
Do/Loop - no more annoying goto MainLoop

RobEmu 1.09 is done and supports all these new things. I’ll be releasing it soon.

Anyway, I assume you’re just worried about spending all kinds of time writing code in the new syntax and not being able to use it. Don’t worry! Worst case scenario, I’ll write a little C app to convert the new syntax to the old. Before anyone doubts this, know that I’ve already done most of it internally to RoboEmu.