New Speed Controller Announced

Unfortunately, I cannot supply a complete solid model at this time.

As for non-FRC apps, the full “raw potential” of the Jaguar is available. The short version of the story: you need CAN to enable Jaguar’s non-FRC2009 features and we purposely stunted the Jaguar’s CAN API development until after FRC2009 (for the purpose of FRC2009). So, the full potential is available, but the method to unleash these features (CAN) is purposely not yet so easy to use that a marketer like me could do it.

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The fan turns on when you start running the motor.

The fan turns off when you stop the motor, 10 seconds pass, and the temperature is 38 degrees C or less.

The intent of this is to avoid wasting your battery at the start of a match. The fan (ebmpapst 412 FH) is spec’d at 0.8 W (66 mA 12 V). By extension, the fans of 8 motor controllers draw more than half an amp waiting for the match to start. Yeah, nothing compared to what the motors draw during the match, but little bit helps, and it was simple enough to implement (a MOSFET and some software).

Yes, the 1/2" space can overlap.

I’ve checked on this and the Jaguar does not require a neutral signal following a fault (anymore). The original prototype firmware of Jaguar did, but it was fixed a long time ago. The documentation is incorrect and will be changed shortly.

Not surprising. A presentation at the 2008 FIRST Robotics Conference by Al Skierkiewicz says the breakers can function for a few seconds with up to 600% over current and almost 10 seconds up to 200% over current. See

In testing at Luminary Micro, we drove a 150 lb robot rather mercilessly and didn’t experience an over current fault. The only time an over current fault was generated was when the wheel of the robot was locked.

Please note that we have just updated the Getting Started Guide (rev JAGUAR-GSG-02) at


Maybe this isn’t the same thing that you were talking about, but the just-posted Getting Started guide says that when the Jaguar is reset (because of a tripped breaker), you need to return it to neutral before it will accept incoming PWM signals. This seems like AdamHeard’s comment is therefore still valid.

The FAQ is (still) wrong and will be updated shortly.

Can someone confirm that the jaguar sold by Digikey is in fact the ones we can order already in advance for this year’s game? I couldnt find the post of the vendors, if I recall, that either offered them or had them at a discount.
Sorry, dont want to read 100+ posts to maybe find the info here.

Here you go.

From post #102. It took me two minutes to find it.

Please note that we have just updated the Getting Started Guide (rev JAGUAR-GSG-04) at to reflect this change.

Sorry for any confusion.


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Does any one know if there is a way to monitor the state of the limit switches for debugging purposes? Maybe by adding a LED in series with the Limit switches or something?


This information is available on the data sheet available from Luminary:

Your best bet is to get some double pole microswitches and wire one pole into the Jag, and the second pole into a digital sidecar or something else. When we have access to the CAN interface, the state will be monitored from there, but that’s not happening this year.

The limit switch input for the Jag are normally closed. So, it would be possible to build a simple LED driver board that would turn on an LED if it saw the ground go away.
This, of course, is subject to the rules.

It occurs to me that you could use the NO side of the micro switch to drive your LED to the ground of the Jaguar. You’d want to grab your source voltage from some safe 5V supply, possibly on the Jag itself. Though this only tells you the position of your limit switch, not necessarily what the Jag is reading.

Reading the actual pin on the Jag would be trickier, as you’d need to make very certain you’re no accidentally pulling the input high or low with your circuit.

does anyone know exactly how big this is?

or has anyone found or made and inventor version yet? :smiley:

Luminary Micro has CAD files posted

I couldnt find the CAD files. I downloaded one thing but it was only documents talking about it