NEW Spring Off Season in NJ

Greetings to all POST-SEASON Event Enthusiasts,

OK folks, the time has finally come to “MOVE FORWARD” with the details of the SPRING EVENT SURVEY and to get the teams into a “First Come – First Serve” registration process. The result of the surveys that you filled-out, very definitely indicate a strong local interest in a SPRING EVENT for Central New Jersey. Accordingly, we are expecting a FAST RACE to REGISTER for this new event. The details for the event are as follows:

LOCATION: Bridgewater-Raritan Regional High, Bridgewater, NJ

DATE: June 5th, 2004

ARRIVAL TIME: 7:00 AM (Pits Open & practice rounds begin)

RULES REVIEW: 8:30 AM (Drive team “coach” should attend)

START TIME: 8:45 AM Opening Ceremonies

QUALIFYING ROUNDS: 9:00 AM — 12:00 Noon

LUNCH BREAK: 12:00 Noon — 12:30 PM

QUALIFYING ROUNDS: 12:30 PM — 2:00 PM (5 to 6 matches per team)

ALLIANCE SELECTION: 2:00 PM — 2:30 PM (Top 8 teams select)



With so many teams expressing interest in this new event, we are a bit concerned that we will not be able to accommodate all the teams that wish to attend. In order to ensure that we have your intent fully understood, please contact PK below to get registered.

c/o Paul R. Kloberg
127 Kendall Road
Kendall Park, NJ 08824-1247

[email protected]

Hi Wayne and Paul.

It’s nice to see more events in the Mid-Atlantic states other than the fall (which is really great, also).

Question - how much is the registration fee? What is the maximum number of teams competing?

Thanks. Sounds like this one will fill quickly.

Paul tells me the registration is $200 and he has a whole set of forms to fill out. I don’t know what the field limit will be but it should be pretty good.

This spring event will move around the regional from now on. The fall Brunswick Eruption event (10/30/04) will stay at North Brunswick as we ses it since it kind of moved in there after the last few years and we have an investment in it.

I hope everyone is still in good shape after DoD on 10/23 to come to BE on the 30th!!


As a member of Paul Kloberg’s engineering class our final grade is to plan this event and make it work. I think we have the max at 30 teams due to time constraints. This should be a great event. :slight_smile:

Any possibility that you guys would need an announcer for this event? I know someone who would jump at the chance!!! If you don’t need me to announce, maybe ref or feild reset then? Anything to help out.

I heard there would be an all-female round at this competition if people were interested in it. Am I correct?

Last year we did have ladies rounds during some Off-Seasons. I don’t know about this year, we’ll have to wait and see. Something tells me you’re excited about it.

As far as I know there are no special rounds, however, I will bring up this issue during our planning session on monday and I’ll post the result of it. We are still finalizing the day so I can probably get something in there.

anyone have the address to the school…im tryin to get directions

At the high school

yeah i just found that…about 5 minutes after posting

Does anybody have the list of teams attending this event?

Well, overall it was a very good event. Aside from a few minor technical problems, things went by very smoothly.

I personally had a lot of fun, and it was great being a referee.

It was 303’s first year hosting the competition. They did pretty well. The radio interference problem got on my nerves, but they solved it in a orderly manner, which is very good. I liked everything there, it was a great event. Only when I reached there, I realized this competition was called FRENZY FINALE. I wonder who that special lady from 1403 is to whom that song was dedicated:p .

I would like to thank 19 and 1089 for picking us. Even with all the problems us and 1089 had, we managed to win. OH, and congractulations to the “Best Human Player” award winners. I think there were a couple, 1403 and 25. The referees were great. Thanks to Kloberg and his crew for hosting such a great event.

Frenzy Finale was a really great competition. Congratulations Mr. Kloberg and BRHS’s Physics AP and Engineering classes. Thank you Team #1279 and Team #56 for allying with us for finals-and sorry our transmission busted. I think our robot just has really bad luck in finals, but it was great coming so close to winning the entire competition. And I was at least happy that we lost to Team #25, even after they decided that it would be funny to become entangled in our nets in qualifying ;). Good luck to all of the returning members of FIRST teams next year-I’ll be back to keep an eye on Team #1403, #25, and #303, so long as the teasing from Team #25 ceases :).


Getting stuck to your net was definately funny. But it wasnt intended. I was trying to get rid of it, but if i lifted it up, I realized it would rip the whole net apart, and if i put it down… it might’ve tipped you. So I just kept in one position, and let us do nothing all match. But I am glad it was just you guys, one of our best friends in the whole of FIRST, else I dont know what would’ve hapenned. It was a pleasure working with you guys all season. OK, I’ll stop teasing, if thats what it takes to keep you on with us:p I look forward for some more fun times with you guys. Good luck at MIT Tina.

This was definitely a great day in the end. Past the few tech probs with the field it was a lot of fun. We had struggles through out the day but thanks team 19 and 1089 for realizing we were still a great bot although slightly damaged.

And to 1403-that match was definitely a lot of fun, although it was cut tooo short. And ya-hopefully ill be back if the teasing of 25 and 1403 stops aswell.

Hey hey hey… the teasing on the announcements etc wasnt from us. It was from 1089 and the refs. Don’t blame a guy who dedicated his brains to fix a robot. lol. nay well… it’ll die down, dont worry. This thread is turning into a discussiong about funny stuff. Anyways, we all cool. And corey, wheather the teasing stops or goes on at high speed, you wont be able to leave the team… even though I’ll stop…
All in good humor,

Big Mike-Ankur-Keith were the culprits. Hmmmm-i will seek my vengence soon enuff. Although i did get Ankur back…hopefully hes not in that much pain now. Instead of leaving the team, ill just have to give you guys more to do in the pits at the next comp.

How does that punish Big Mike-Ankur-Keith(replic)… none of them are in the pits:ahh: