New SRX green-yellow can wiring

We are new at FRC and we are trying to understand SRX and we connected like this is it true ? we didn’t use pwm ports.Sorry for bad english.

For CAN, the SRXs should be connected green to green and yellow to yellow, with the roborio on one end and the PDP on the other. You can have the PDP in the middle, but will you need to set the PDP termination jumper to “off” and put a 120 ohm resistor on the end of the chain between the yellow and green wires.

Without actually seeing your wiring, we can’t tell you that you did it correctly. But if you followed that diagram, you should be okay.

Thanks for your help.
There is a picture of wiring picture is bad but I wish you will understand .Thanks again and I am waiting your Message.

Not all of the wire-to-wire connections are clear, but if they are all green to green and yellow to yellow (as many of them appear though some are uncertain), and the jumper on the PDP is in the ON position (this one is not clear at all), that’s it!