New Style


Yes, this is the ‘Gamma’ release I was waiting on. So now I will begin re-writing all the stuff in that big TODO thread.

You now have TWO choices for temporary styles while I re-style the site. You can stick with the purple we all know & love, or you can use the Grey one. **They both are temporary. They will be replaced with Orange/Black/White/Gray like we used to have.

**The graphics are all temporary too. They weren’t finished with them yet, so they just included the old ones. So that’s why they don’t match. :slight_smile:
So, things should start transforming little pieces at a time.

Time to go battle my insomnia. Woo.

Hey. It’s orange again. Woo.

The Image Gallery and White Papers are my main focus tomorrow.

Let me know if you see anything weird happening with the new style, or if you have any suggestions on how to make it any better. It’s definetly not done yet.

(thanks for the help Joel J.)


Don’t know if it’s just me or not but i’m still seeing the blue/silver even though the Quick Style Chooser is saying ChiefDelphi Style.

I’ve cleared my cookies, temp. files, and history and it still gives me the blue/grey style.

[EDIT]: It seems that the Quick Style Chooser if broken. If you go to Settings>Edit Options>Changing Board Skin… you can choose the ChiefDelphi Style

Thanks again Winged Globe for the help.