New T-shirt design. What do you think?

Partially based on an inside joke that took place at a spare parts table at one of our regionals this year…:smiley:

Whatdya think?

Design courtesy of Andrew Kraemer- drive train captain



I like how you have to think to figure out the letters… but I’m a little confused. You want to spell MORT, right? So why do you have PV/nT… to get R as the last letter?

hardcore dude… hardcore. love teh mudkipz. so i heard u like kipz of teh mud?:smiley:

Our drivetrain kids had the people at the NJ spare parts desk announce this. And they actually did it:p

Okay so the first one gives Molarity (M). I would assume you’re trying to get 0 for the second one not an O, but I can’t tell what it is, is it inverse sin of x? or sin(-1)-x? or sin(-1-x)? None of those evaluate to 0.

The third one is Resistance ®.

The last one is the universal gas constant ®.

I’m definitely confused by the purpose of the equations.

hehe, don’t ask me bro…I wasn’t the one who designed it.:o

anyone want to give correct equations? I’m assuming my friends purpose was to spell out MORT.

Well, I think that the answer to the sin-1 x (the inverse sine of x) one is supposed to be an angle measure, or the variable “theta” as it’s commonly known. Look up the symbol for theta, it looks a lot like an O.

As for the PV/nT one, I believe the correct equation would be (PV)/(nR), which would equal T, as per the PV = nRT formula commonly used in Chemistry. Hope that helps!

Ah, theta, good call!