New Team 555 Website

I just wanted to let people know that team 555 has a new and improved website up at . Its not finished yet but please check it out.

I like the design, its very smooth and is really a pleasure to look at. I also like the way everything is organized! You know exactly what to click and know where it will take you. The pixel buttons on the right are very stylish as well and it adds to the flow of the design very nicely. Ah, yes, and I know the time (and obsessivness) it takes to make everything W3C compatable, so great job on that as well.

Just a few things I would point out (maybe you plan to do this and just haven’t gotten to it yet:

-It seems like you are very proficient in CSS so I would manually set the text size using it. If you have your text size to larger it will throw off the design just a little.

-Might just be me, but I like a little bit more padding, because you don’t have borders around your content boxes, this really isn’t a problem unless you are reading the ones surrounded by the links.

Other then that, Great Job, looks wonderful!

It looks good overall, It just seems a little blank. I would suggest making a different background color. Its probably just me because I have a very high resolution (1600 x 1200. well… 2624 x 1968 if you want to get technical). But other than that, it looks great!

This is a minor nitpick, but the left hand menu is hard to skim. I’d suggest left-aligning, because center/right alignment causes a ragged edge and makes it harder to quickly look through everything. Things may also be improved if you drop the all-caps and make the letter spacing smaller.

While I’m being a pedant, the FIRST box on the right feels like an appendage. Perhaps widen the left navigation menu and stick the FIRST box underneath that? The way it is now it looks like you put it on after designing the site and the overall look is too white compared to the soft blues of the rest of your design.

On the schedule page it looks like you just have the following code:


Instead of looping through and making a table or whatever.

Your output is:

Array ( [id] => 1 [date] => 2005-01-08 [time] => 10:00:00 [event] => 2005 Kickoff [description] => The Kickoff will be held at Souther New Hampshire University in Manchester, New Hamshire. It officially starts off the 2005 robotics season. [recurrence] => [day] => [enddate] => )

I like the design…It’s really good!!! Congratulations!!! And the site is easy to navigate . I just think you can improve the content a bit…Try to explain what’s FIRST, showing off team members profiles and something else…