New team 73 site

our web team has worked very hard on this site and even though the due date is today they would like some feedback on their site

It’s a really good website and I love the intro picture with the arrows pointing in a circle towards sponsors and FIRST. Thats just really great.

I love the simplicity, which is extremely effective especially in the buttons. Simple mouseovers work great on your website.

As for suggestions:

Have some kind of chat/forum area. I saw the Tigerbolt chat thing but you should really have something done by yourself, perhaps a forum or guestbook?
I didn’t see any picture galleries, that will be good, trying to portray a kind of story through pictures.

That’s all I found wrong with the site however it looks great and I wish you the best of luck for the Web Award!

My only comment is with your some of your pictures. You should scale down the thumbnails in a photo editor rather than specifying the size in the <img> tag. Thumbnails shouldn’t be any bigger than 20k, usually. Your ‘thumbnails’ seem to be around 2 megabytes. Even full-size images on the web should RARELY be that big (especially not for pictures of one person!). I maximized in my browser in my 1280x854 resolution and I could see over to the right side of her eyes and the bottom of the eyes. That was only like 1/6th of the image. It’s painful on even broadband users. Try to keep them around 1024x768.

It’s a really nice design. It’s got some good info, but it lacks revisit value(nothing to come back to). Forums or a guestbook would help alot.

I agree with evulish. The images should be reduced to the size that they’ll actually be.