New Team at MSU

With the upcoming season approaching, all of the new college teams are rushing to get things put together. Here at MSU, we’re really starting to push for our new team. But with the creation of this team, we’re going to need some help. Right now, we’re especially looking for help in the engineering and animation areas, though we’ll definately take all that we can get! I think that I contacted everyone who posted in this thread, but as it was created about 2 years ago, I imagine that there are a lot of people who haven’t seen it. Please feel free to PM me, respond to this thread, or email me at if you’re even remotely interested. Thanks!

I’ve found that there are two key groups to get involved when starting a college team. The first is your Engineering Student Society, the group which at most schools funds the engineering related student clubs. You can usually expect them to donate some money, grant you access to the labs and most importantly attract a wealth of student volunteers. At any university, there are thousands of students who have never been exposed to FIRST, but would find the experience right up their alley. These student societies will link you to these people.

The second group is University Alumni. Making these contacts is a bit trickier, but very worthwhile. Alumni will provide you with donations, time and that professional experience which college teams sometimes lack. Also, they can earn you many valuable connections to business and industry.

Good luck.

Well, you’ve managed to contact me, and probably shocked most of the FIRST world who I’m sure was convinced I’d vanished, but I’m still here.

MSU is a tough nut to crack, but with a good core its doable.

-Eric Gargus
MSU Senior / Formery of 217, Team Macomb

I told you that he’d be interested, Beth. I just didn’t know that he’d come back from the dead to do it :yikes:

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Your old friend,
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