New Team: Boston University

I don’t want to jinx it, but I’m shooting for a new team in Boston next year!

I’m looking for anyone who is interested in starting yet another team next year at Boston University. I am a senior on #1020 right now and I’m finishing up my enrollment work for BU. As it looks, it will be difficult to get the team started for many reasons, so I can use all the help I can get.

Also, if anyone has any tips for me, that would be great. I’ve never even been to Boston, so I’m going to be learning many new things next year :slight_smile:

BU already has a team. I think they are called overclocked, team 246. Might want to check that out.

Nate is hot


I go to Northeastern University in Boston and am involved with their team, the NUTRONS. I am very fortunate to have an administration that supports FIRST, but like Dean Kamen said at the Manchester regional “most of the time, talking to college administration is like nailing jello to a tree”

If you need any help with starting a new team or talking to people about why you should start one, let me know… I’m willing to help

also… I dont know why I think that BU already has a team, I sense a vague memory, but you might want to look into that



Yes- in fact BU does have a team #246. I attended BU as a freshman (2000 game) in their college of engineering and worked on the team before transferring to WPI my sophomore year. It’s under different leadership now, but I’m sure I could get you the contact info if you are interested.

Send me a PM if you are… wouldn’t want to post anyone’s info/contact stuff here without permission.

That’s awesome! I would like to appologize if anyone on that team feels overlooked. I couldn’t find anything on BU’s website about them having a team - maybe I’ll try to spark a little more support from the university :wink:

Thanks for clueing me in guys.