New team Creation??

Looking to get vex started at our high school. Question is this. What is the process to have an official team? is there a registration process? what are the fees associated with registration??


Call FIRST. Look at the information on their website ( Say hi to Thelma for me.

FIRST offers four programs, age-based. Junior FIRST LEGO League is for 6-9 year olds. FIRST LEGO League is for 9-14 year olds. FIRST Vex Challenge uses the Vex robotics kit and is aimed at high school students. FIRST Robotics Competition members build a 130 lb robot and the program is also aimed at high school age students. What age bracket did you have in mind? Once we know that, we can help you with the other details.

Quote, answer other quote:

oops, read the post too quickly. Sorry! To find out more about the Vex program go to . They have not yet released information about this year’s program, so keep checking back. There typically is a team registration fee as well as a fee for participating in the regional competitions. Plus the purchase of the Vex kit itself.

Also, if there is not a FIRST Vex competition geographically close, you might check into other Vex options, like Robofest . They had a Vex Pentathlon division this year, and the cost was very reasonable (our team spent $35 on registration and $20 on practice field materials, plus our robot kits). It does tend to overlap FRC season, especially if you go to Nationals.

My post here has a break down of costs associated with starting a Vex team based on this year’s experiences. I tried to cover every expense I could think of. This should be a decent budget starting point. Good Luck and hopefully we’ll see your team at an FVC event this coming year. :smiley:

KathieK is correct, the FIRST website should still have instruction that were used for registering team for this past year. Hopefully, this process won’t change much. The biggest change will probably be in the location and number of FVC events. We’ll have to wait and see how the regional events begin to develop. Hopefully, local colleges will sponsor and host regional events. If FIRST can organize a few more events than last year, the 300 mile limit should be dropped.

Also remember, there’s nothing stopping you from creating your own game and holding your own competition intramurally or with other local school systems.