New Team from VEX Background

Hello everyone!

My mentor for robotics has just bought a lot of new parts and hardware and we plan to compete in a FTC Competition. I have a strong background with VEX parts and building techniques, so this is a huge jump for me. Does anyone have any learning resources or websites/youtube channels that they could recommend?

Sorry if I formatted this wrong, or if this has been posted before. I used the search bar and couldn’t find anything.


Game manual 0 is generally the best place to start. Highly recommend reading for getting into FTC.


Welcome to FTC! Where the competition is fierce and the ducks do fly! :duck:

Joking aside, you talked a little bit about your own background, but what about the rest of the team? Do they have similar background as you?

I know @Jill_ls101 just started 2 FTC teams over the last few years, she might have some good knowledge for you. I was tangentially involved, but the core of the work was done by her/students.

Thank you, this is really helpful!

Yeah, I have been teaching the other people in my club and they have started to build their own robots with the VEX stuff we already have. I’d like to learn about FTC and how everything works before I can introduce it to them.

While Game Manual 0 as a whole has already been mention, I’d like to specifically mention Game Manual 0’s Useful Resources page, which links to a bunch of other useful FTC resources.

I’d also like to mention the FTC Discord, which while chaotic at times provides a good place to ask questions about FTC—it often gives quick responses and has some very knowledgeable people.

(Full disclosure, I’m one of gm0’s managing editors, and an FTC Discord admin, so maybe take my opinions with a grain of salt.)

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