New Team FTC Miami -Mentors

Looking for mentors in South Florida or remote for a new team-trying to figure out a good purchase list REV seems to be the most recommended, lots of stuff out of stock found the V3 starter kit but what about the out of stock controllers? Have a starting budget of $1500 for parts.
Mentors please reach out

If you register a rookie team with FIRST and order the control set from the FIRST Storefront, FIRST will put you on a priority list for control hubs.

Comment from Kickoff

That’s the plan but what if they are a no show? We are buying the Rev starter kit v2 but it doesn’t include everything we need can you recommend some must have parts?

I’d contact your local Program Delivery Partner and see if there are any teams in your area that are retiring who’d be willing to sell you their control system.

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