New Team Image (Up Next)

So our team as came up with a new team look and image branding. Please let me know what you all think!! :slight_smile:

looking good:D

Thanks :slight_smile:

Who is your graphic designer? All the work you do (videos included) are really good. Keep up the good work :smiley: and good luck.

I like it, here is our new one.

Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

There are 2 main graphic designers. I am one of them. I make the videos and keep the team image looking fresh and modern. The other guy (Titus Woo) is a senior and he does most of all the graphics for the team. He does really good work.


And you all have a good image going on too. I see you have a little harry potter font in there? :slight_smile:

I like the robot!

Almost looks like it could be a purple T-shirt with the robot on the back…

Just my opinion, but the hand-drawn cartoonish robot looks out of place with the otherwise very sharp, clean graphics. Don’t get me wrong, it looks cute, but just doesn’t seem to fit the style of the rest of the logo IMHO. Then again, I have been known to wear a green wig with orange beard paint, so what do I know?

Nice job! Professional, fun, and well designed. Just like your team. We look forward to seeing that full court shooter at the KC Regional.

Now my brain is gonna bug me until I make my team a logo. Crap.

Off to Photoshop I go! :smiley:


Thanks so much. And we look forward to see your crazy awesome bunny hats! :smiley: I love you guys.

Our team appreciates all the comments. We just wanted to make sure it fits our style as a robotics team.

My test for stuff like this: Does this make the group as a whole smile when they see it?

I know it makes me smile. It’s fun, clean and memorable. The only thing that I would ever even think to change is having the background fade into a dark blue rather than black, but that’s just me :slight_smile:

Good job.

This is sweet!