New Team in Austin TX: Anyone willing to help/give advice.


I have been recently talking to my high school (I am a student at Cedar Park High School near Austin) about expanding our robotics program. I know our school did FTC in the past, and last year we experimented with a VEX team but with staff changes robotics has been diminishing into a messy ordeal. I’ve taken up the goal of cleaning this up and leaving behind a stable and functioning program upon graduation. I myself have been competing in VEX with a friend as a hobby (no school recognition) as team 4252A, but I believe it is about time this experience becomes offered more widely in my area.

I’ve been playing around with the idea of working towards starting an FRC team at our school because the program has a lot to offered and there is a lot to be learned from it. We do have a lot of free space and there is a decent selection of tools (not to mention the Tech Shop in Round Rock for more advanced manufacturing). I have been investigating what it would take to do this and identified 2 major hurdles: getting mentors and getting sponsors/fundraising.

Mainly I wanted to ask for help in finding mentors. I believe it would be extremely beneficial to find a possible mentor who has had FIRST experience and would be able to lead the team in the right direction. Does anyone know someone I could contact locally who would be interested or know who to ask? Are there any suggestions on where to I could try to find interested candidates?

Also, is there any other advice on pursuing this? Tips? Precautions?




Talk to the local area teams, they can help you the most. 418, 2158, 2468 and others will all be willing to help you get started. JessJank is the assistant regional director for the Alamo regional and she works with 2158. She would be a good place to start.

Feel free to contact me if you have any specific questions. We’re always happy to help get teams started.



We are in Killeen(about 45 minutes North of you). If you need anything from us let me know. Our team is small and short on resources but we might be able to help with fundraising and recruitment ideas.



Hi Gabe!

As Allen pointed out, I’m probably the person you’re looking for in the area to help you get started. I’m the Assistant Regional Director for our region and I’m local to Austin. Patrick Felty is the Regional Director and will also be able to provide assistance, but he’s in San Antonio. We can help you with mentors, sponsorship, and other important details about FRC.

Check your email inbox shortly (I have your email address from your volunteer registration for TRR this past weekend). Thanks for volunteering at Texas Robot Roundup! :slight_smile: