New team in Mandeville, Louisiana

Hey, I’m starting a new team in Mandeville, LA at Mandeville High School. I’ve been part of FIRST for 2 years, and when i moved here last year, i became determined to start a team at my new school. I already have 20 people and 2 teachers that are going to participate. And we are working on fund raising right now.
My question is, Are there any near by teams that could bring one of their old robots to our school for one of our meetings to show it off? I’m the only person on the team that has any experience with robotics, or FIRST, and I would like the team to see what a finished product might look like.
Any team that helps us will be placed in our mentor list. :smiley:

Sorry, I’m in GA, but I’m sure there are teams in your area. Try looking up in the Bayou Regional and a list of teams in the area that could help you.

Or MentorSearch can help find a team or a mentor.

Well I have tried contacting a few different teams, but they have failed to reply to me. I guess its just a waiting game.

I’m the Captain from Torbotics Team 2080, in Hammond. If you would like we could demonstrate our robot to you.
Our Mentor also goes to Mandeville almost 3 times a week, so if your mentors have any questions she would love to stop by or something.
I’ll give you her email address so that you can get in touch with her too to have a direct line of communication. It’s
Her name is Shelly Gaydos.
You can reply, PM me, or send me an email at if you have any questions. Hopefully we can help your team

Great! I’ll send this to my coach and see what we can get out of it. Thanks!

How did you contact them and who did you contact ?
I don’t want to post any email addresses on this thread just names. I can help you here in Texas to the best of my ability.

We are holding a Labview Training session and Rookie session in Houston.
You should RSVP for the event. We should have FRC robots on display and in November 499 will bring a Beta Unit Controller.

I contacted Team 1912, or rather I tried to contact them. I sent an email a month ago and they never replied.

I would love to go to Houston for the training, but I don’t think my parents will let me drive 6 hours away for a one day event. Sorry. Thanks for the heads up though. I’ll tell my old team in the woodlands about it.

Looking at your location through the “FIND TEAMS” on , I think you can contact 2182 or 1913 . (2182 has a website/email contact listed)

Let me know if you need more contacts