New Team in Providence, RI



I am currently working on starting a team in Providence, RI, at Hope High School. I’ve got the administration, a couple of teachers, and some student mentors on board, but things aren’t totally off the ground yet. If you have advice, are in the area and would like to mentor, or have suggestions about where to go for sponsors, any help would be appreciated.




Have you looked into making sure your team is organized in subteams? Without a business team, it can be difficult to get sponsorship efforts on track. Make sure to check for grants and contact your local senior mentor for advice on getting local sponsors. You may also want to make sure that your team understands the scope of what is required to participate, so build season doesn’t throw everyone off. If you have any questions, please post them here or pm me.



Good to see a new FRC team coming to RI. Historically Raytheon has been the largest Financial supporter of teams in RI. iGUS is located in East Providence, and has been a strong supporter, especially with part donations. Going back a bit further, Teknor Apex and Cooley Group both in Pawtucket have sponsored now defunct teams in the past. To the best of my knowledge, 3280 was the only team that has existed in the Providence Public School System (at Providence Career and Tech) but they no longer exist.

There are some strong mentors floating around RI who may be able to offer more advise. I am no longer in RI, but can provide some contact information.

In Providence, I would recommend contacting Mike Day with team 1350, they at one point anyway worked at Brown, in the engineering building, though I haven’t talked to them in a few years.

Miki Oliver is a Woody Flowers award winner, and was running the team at Providence Career and Tech. He is now running 5738 and is well plugged in with all of the teams in the area.

Teams 78 and 121 are both very active, and have stong mentor groups, I am not sure who is currently running either of the teams, but if you were to reach out to either team I am sure they could get you in touch with the right people. Both have active Chiefdelphi members.

If you have trouble getting in touch with anyone, send me a PM, I can help get you through to them, I just don’t want to post anyone’e personal contact info publically on here.



1350 has not worked out of Brown since 2009. Currently they work out of their school’s maintenance room. Also, Mike Day is no longer the primary mentor for the team, but he might know how to contact the current lead mentor. I could also try to get that information if you have trouble doing so.

Also, I was unaware that igus was based in RI before I read your post. That is awesome!



Have you talked to the Regional Director for RI, Steve Cremer?

Email me at dhenry at, your friendly neighborhood FIRST Senior Mentor and I can help.



Thanks for all of the advice - I also did not know about Igus being in RI. I am in contact with Miki Oliver, and I will be meeting this summer with teachers, and prospective mentors. We’ve got a lot of administration support, and my old team (997) is sending over some documents and handbooks to get the team off the ground structurally and organizationally.

To the last post - Mr. Oliver has said he’ll put me in touch with Steve Cremer, and I’ll definitely send you an email.



Sounds like you are off to a great start! Good luck!



Yeah, that’s one of the things we’re going to try to start off with. We’ll be making sure that during the fall, we establish student leaders for the various disciplines. We don’t have any students yet, and will be recruiting in the fall, but the teachers and administration predict a lot of interest. We’re also going to try to come up with a good statement of involvement, so kids both know what they’re getting into, and clear expectations are set.