New Team, needs advice

This is my team’s rookie year, and i am wondering what parts not included in the kit of parts would be necessary to build a clamp style, bendable arm for this years competition?

You’re going to need to be a lot more specific than that…

Have you taken a look at the Ri3D robots yet? They’ll give you a good indication of what sort of parts would be useful for different types of arms/mechanisms.

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Also, look at prior years to see what other teams used as far as building arms, extensions, etc.

This is a pretty vague question, but I would start by getting a good sketch together of what you’re trying to do, identify how many degrees of freedom it has (in non-engineer speak: how many joints it has), and how much force/torque each one needs. From there, I’d head over to Vex to check out their VersaFrame hardware.

^^ what @JamesCH95 said.

Also, doing a jointed arm well is beyond the abilities of many mid-resource teams with 4+ years of experience. If you can’t figure out what parts you need, you probably won’t be able to get this working before competition. My advice is to try something simpler. Also, check out Everybot.
Here is a list of 2019 topics tagged ri3d:

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so i have been looking at different robot arms, and we have decided on one with 2 joints, ig is the name for them, and is able to bend at the joints like a human arm from elbow to wrist…i cant seem to figure out what extra parts, outside of the kit, would be necessary to build something like that…

To answer your question: You’d need chain, sprockets, or pneumatics to pivot at the joints. Check out VEXpro for products that are useful for this purpose, specifically this page:
along with the user guide they have on their website.

However, to give advice to a new team, I would recommend looking at simpler robot solutions such as the 118 Everybot and the Spectrum Build Blog