New Team Titanium (1986) Website

All work is finally finished on the website.

Many of you have probably already seen it from downloading our Breakaway Simulator (Based on bandwidth usage, we have over 1300 downloads already!).

Many new sections have been added to the site, as well as a completely new layout.

Any feedback is welcome.

Team Titanium PR Team

Very smooth website! They layout is, if I can say it about a website, beautiful.
The only two things I don’t really like about it is:

  1. The layout discrepancy between the rest of the site and the blog
  2. The font size seems a tad small for the font face your using.
    Just small issues in an amazing site.

Yeah, I did the blog way before I did anything else. I plan on working on it now that I have everything else done.

What text is too small, the headers, or the body?

Thanks for the feedback.

Edit: Now all the HTML is valid except on the videos page, and there are only 3 CSS errors - 2 of them are from it not recognizing CSS 3.

Larger text in general is just a personal preference of mine. I have an easier time reading what sites have to say if the text is bigger. :stuck_out_tongue: You don’t have to change it. ( I really do like how you incorporated the green text for emphasis.)

Also I went browsing in your photo gallery and realized there was no direct link back to the main page.

Just another little note: FIRST should be in italics. I did not know this
until fairly recently but it does count.

I really, really really like your site. :ahh:

Very nice usage of typography! The website looks amazing.

The only thing I would suggest is to change the your header and navigation backgrounds because they don’t match with your website. They dull the website down, which i think can be easily fixed.

For your header, use a soft gradient instead of the solid color. Maybe try rounding the top left and right corners of it.
For your navigation, the striped background doesn’t work that well. the striped background is used more for the background of the page, not for the navigation. a solid color here(maybe black?) or an invisible background image(so you would see the grey boxes in the back) would be cool because it would separate the header and the body a bit, and it would help the contrast of the navigation.

You might have to play around with this, but I think it would help.

The photo software is some weird thing offered by the host. I was looking for a way to backup the photos, but they do not offer that. Thanks for reminding me, as I kind of forgot about installing a new gallery software.

I tried changing the header background to match the text, and it looked really dull.

I might mess around the nav bar some tomorrow.

Thanks for the input.

Edit: The blog is about 95% redone. The nav bar is the only thing that’s giving me headaches, and some code tinkering will hopefully fix it.