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Hello, I am new to programming in labview for first robotics and I’ve followed some tutorials but this is where I get stuck. For context we are using 4 Victor spx motor controllers from vex pro and we have are using the can bus. So I’ve gotten as far as to switch it from 4 motor open drive to tank drive. Everytime I try to build I get an error that says that something needs to be plugged into the tank drive function. There were 2 Boolean constants connected to the module before I replaced it with a the tank drive module. Ive also tried to open 2 Victor spx motor functions and connect it to the tank drive function and the error message I get is “You have connected two clusters with different contents.
Cluster MotorControlDeviceRef, a typedef 'WPI MotorControlDeviceRef.ct!”
cluster of 6 elements,
conflicts with cluster RobotDriveDevRef, a typedef WPI RobotDriveDevRef.ctl
duster of 4 elements"

The FRC framework is split into several parts for you to fill in.

Begin (VI for LabVIEW, function for text based languages) is where you should initialize the devices (like motor controllers) for the robot.

Teleop is where you should put the code to read the joystics, and control the motors for the tele-operated period,

Similarly for auto, except, without the joysticks.

For for motors, it would look like this example from Team 358:

Notice that they are showing pictures of both the begin and the teleop code.

So, in Begin, keep the 4 motor open drive, then in teleop, use Tank Drive to control those motors (referenced via the RefNum name “Left and Right Motors” by default).

When you get that error, you should be able to double-click on it and it’ll take you to the VI that’s throwing the error.

Press ctrl+h and hover your mouse over the VI that flashed at you. You should see it in the help window. The bold input names are required. It’s likely you don’t have those wired up (and that’s why you’re getting the error).

It’ll help to see the VIs you’re working with, specifically your begin, teleop, and finish VIs.

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