New Team wanting to learn Labview

I am working with a new team this summer. They are not yet officially a FRC team however they will be once this next years season starts.

One problem we are running into is how do i teach them labview over the summer. Is it appropriate/Legal for my team to share are Labview Key? Does anyone know Labviews stance on this or know who i could contact

Can you lend the team a laptop? It should be fine to use your key as you are using it as part of your team’s activities. I would consider the pre-rookie team to be part of your team until they fully register anyways.

You might be able to get a license if you contact but if you absolutely want to be clear I’d contact them.

Thanks for the feedback. Over the summer are corporate sponsor is requiring use to give the laptops back so we will not have any spare laptops. I would hope we could consider them part of are team but just to make sure i will shot them an email.

It is okay for you to help a team over the summer to learn LabVIEW using your license key, as long as they are using it for FRC purposes.

Also, remember that for learning LabVIEW you can use simulation. That way they can get started with just a computer and a joystick. I would suggest having a look at the tutorials on the Getting Started Window of LabVIEW.

Where in Illinois are you? We are going to be giving LabVIEW programming classes over the summer. It would be very beneficial to someone just starting out as well as teams that have been programming for a while. I will be teaching the basics and then on to advanced programming over the summer. You can also look at our code. I posted it in the LabVIEW area in Programming. Team 107.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


If the team number for her/him is accurate, they’re from Argos which is a team based out of Peoria, IL.

We are going to be giving LabVIEW programming classes over the summer.

Are you planning on a recording of the training? Videos seem to be more effective at enabling my team’s students to do a little self-learning.

That would be great. That will help out with teaching the kids. We plan on using the simulator to. Also it will be only for FRC use.

aeastet: I will have to take a look at your code. Always fun to see other teams code. We should be posting are code soon if you are interested. If you want we can compare some notes with teaching.

We are from Peoria IL but we will be teaching a class in Bradley IL for the rookie team. it will be a 4 hour one day class. Also we are putting on a once a week class in Peoria il for the surrounding teams. We can look into recording it to if people would be interested.

I will warn you that the video may not be to useful since most of it will be centered around are new mini robot. My team has been working the past 2 years on creating a cost effective robot that can be programmed by Labview, operated wirelessly and have the same look and fell of the FRC programming structure. Currently the price for parts is ~$140 for the whole robot. we are hoping to reduce it some more to make it more affordable. By using these robots we can get the student to robot ratio down drastically. This seems to really accelerate the learning and interest of students.

Let me know when you post your code and I would love to look through it.

I will look into recording the classes so they are available. That is a great idea.

This is a good book for teaching LabVIEW.

+1 for the video…please do! I very seldom can get any help from code examples - I need to see how and why…not just the finished product.

Another for the video. :slight_smile:

I was not able to record the class however my team is planing on putting out a you-tube series of all the example that we went through. The first videos will start from the beginning with Boolean and simple math logic. It will then move on to developing drive code. Most of these example will be based off the mini robot that are team has developed. However they should be useful to everyone.

Any other ideas of videos people would like to see?

are code was posted here