New teams in your state

Tonight I was informed that Indiana could have a possibility of 4 to 7 new teams in our state for next years competition!!

I was wondering if anyone else has heard about how many new teams are forming in your state?

I don’t know about how many teams in South Carolina, but our team was asked to sponser another local high school! That makes 3 from York County, SC!

Rumor has it that Wisconsin is going to have between 3-6 new teams :smiley:

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we have i think 3 new team in NH, Hollis/Brookline, Timberline, and Goffstown


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**Rumor has it that Wisconsin is going to have between 3-6 new teams :smiley:

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Thats what I hear as well :cool:

Lots of new teams in AZ, all of you might want to watch out for some new competition. One new team for example would be the one I have started… I did my homework assignment Dean! :smiley:

What do you guys do to get those kinds of numbers?

Rumor has it, MN is loosing one team, leaving mine as the only one from our state. The team we tried to start at the U of M fell through, and we can’t seem to keep the interest going.

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What do you guys do to get those kinds of numbers?

Last night, representitives of the Indiana teams met and talked about this and other things which im not going to get into because I wasnt there and I dont know what else happened, anyway… but we went around and did demonstrations to schools and left names and contact sheets among other things that if their school started a FIRST team they could contact one of our veteran FIRST teams to help them get on their feet, also FIRST has a list of contacts on their site and some of them have used that to contact us.

We are looking at about 14 new teams in Georgia. (Maybe more <crossing fingers>) The Atlanta Regional is going to be great!!!

With the new Arizona Regional coming in 2003, our goal is 10 new teams. I think we will surpass that number as we have 7 strong indications already!:cool:

We’ve been working hard here in NJ (teams 303 and 25) and we have at least 2 more NJ teams joining the family. Our goal was 10, we talked to about 8 and ended up with 2. Look for Manville HS and Hightstown HS this season, mentored by 303 and 25 respectively.

We will also be holding a team training evening workshop for the newbies in the last week of October.

Now all we need are some companies to sponsor our new friends. We are all working on that NOW.


NO timberlane isnt NEW we are returning due to loss of sponsors last year