New technology for 2010?

Hey everyone,

I was reading a FIRST E-Mail about Annual FIRST Robotics Conference and one of the abstract topic was “FRC New technology showcase” Does any one have any clues as to what this “new technology” might be? I am hoping this is not as big as the control system and field surface change!

Schedule of the Conference


Actual E-Mail

Greetings Teams:

Just a reminder that the sixth annual FIRST Robotics Conference, sponsored by CIA, Rolls-Royce, and WPI, will take place April 15-16, 2009 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta in conjunction with the FIRST Championship. The deadline to purchase individual and group passes at a reduced rate has been extended to April 8.

The FIRST Robotics Conference is designed for current and potential members of the FIRST Community, as well as those interested in FIRST topics, to learn more about a wide variety of technical and non-technical topics associated with FIRST, technology, engineering, outreach, education, and much more. A diverse group of speakers are lined up to share their knowledge and expertise with attendees. Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend; we really hope you’ll join us!

This year’s Conference will begin on Wednesday afternoon at 4:30PM and will run all day Thursday (8AM-8PM). It will include over 35 different presentations and topics of interest for all programs.

For the full list of currently available abstracts, go to

A full schedule with current session times, go to

Advanced registration prices are as follows:

· Single Session Pass - $10 - This will allow any individual to attend any one 45-minute Conference session.

· Individual All Access Pass - $35 - This will allow the person with the pass to attend as many of the 45-minute Conference sessions as they choose. This pass may be shared among individuals but cannot be used by more than one individual at any given session time.

· Team of 5 All Access Pass - $140 - This a bundle of 5 of the individual, all access passes.

Credit card payment is preferred, but Checks and POs are accepted. A limited number of passes will be available at the door for an increased fee. Cash will not be accepted for on-site purchases. Please visit the 2009 Conferences page for links to purchase, pricing, and other important information (

Questions? Send an email to [email protected]

We look forward to seeing everyone at the 2009 FIRST Robotics Conference!

Go Teams!

FIRST Robotics Competition

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Actually an updated schedule for the Conference is available here.

Another change is at 8AM in room C203 will actually be a session on Crab Drive presented by Team 118!

Hope to see everyone at the Conference. Pick up your FREE PASS to the New Technology Session in the pit on Thursday!

118’s addition is very exciting. Very, very - adding to an already amazing Conference. I hope everyone checks out the list of presentations and the schedule and makes a point to attend at least one of the presentations.

…as if they would let us in on major changes a whole year in advance…

I am speculating that this “New Technology Conference” would spotlight what was new this year, plus any new technologies that the presenters found interesting (perhaps not directly related to FIRST or robotics). For example, maybe a new kind of sensor technology or something.

You mean like they did last year at Championships? My first thought was the new technology this year as well, but I could also see it being about some of the additional features of the control system if they are going to open them up to us like CAN, I2C, ethernet, and/or access to the FPGA.

It’s actually being called the “FRC Future Technology Showcase” so it will be about technology available for 2010 and beyond, not a recap of what was new to teams in 2009.

Should be fun!

I would hope FIRSTwould allow the dust to settle on its current new tech before dragging out something new. Let the teams get use to the new controllers and such.
I think something new every two or three years would keep things fresh without over stressing the teams.

That’s my 2 cents.

-p :cool:

Thats probably what they’re doing. Several features of the current control system are not available to use (not if you want to pass inspection anyway); I expect the ‘new technology’ is stuff like using CAN, encoders on Jags, and so on.

I can’t wait to see how this goes!
And real life doesn’t wait, why should FIRST? (Yes, I know FIRST IS real life…)