New TipJar Training Video - Making Friends with the FRC Advanced Robot Framework

Hello All,

I wanted to announce the release of another in our TipJar series of FRC LabVIEW Training videos.

You can find it here:

This Blog entry is the fifth in a series intended primarily for FIRST Robotics Competiton (FRC) teams and their mentors.

In a nutshell, **I DO recommend that teams use the Advanced Robot **Framework, as I explain in the video, for these main reasons:

  • More robust, larger code can be more easily developed and maintained
  • Code is more easily encapsulated, making it easier for multiple programmers to work in parallel
  • Code screen size doesn’t grow without bound, making debugging and programming easier
  • The use of typedefs help maintain a consistency between the autonomous and teleop code

In this blog entry, I touch on:

  • A tour of the project structure and Robot in the Advanced Framework
  • An explanation of clusters, and getting data into and out of them
  • How typedefs are used in the framework, and how to modify them
  • How shift registers are used to store data in loops
  • How to add additional state or robot data to the typedefs for advanced robot code
  • Using the “init” case of the Teleop code to open references to devices
  • The two different types of autonomous mode: independent and iterative, and recommendations on which to use
  • Some of the intricacies of sending data between autonomous and tele-operated modes

And for FRC Team members, mentors, teachers and parents only:

I also wanted to announce in celebration of Competition Kickoff, a LabVIEW training giveaway. We will be randomly selecting 2 winners each week from entries received via this link:

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