New TipJar Video: Everything So Far - A Guided Tour of Our Team's LabVIEW FRC Code

Hi Everyone,

I’ve posted a new TipJar video, giving a summary of the TipJar Videos so far, as a tour of Team 843’s FRC code.

The purpose of this video is not to teach new concepts, but to relate back to ones taught in previous Tip Jars.

I discuss:

  • The concept of robustness: good code can be easily modified, debugged, scaled to work in different situations.
  • The Block Diagram, Begin VI, TeleOp VI, Lifter VI, Steering VI, Debugging VI, and Autonomous Independent.
  • The uses of the “Command Signal”: initializing it, writing to it, and reading from it.
  • The use of “Boolean trigger” to have actions take press on joystick button presses only when pressed or released.
  • A consistent and robust approach for programming a robot function VI using a “shifter”.
  • How to create and use “Re-entrant VIs” to modularize and reuse code for identical robot subsystems in parallel.
  • How to use the command signal architecture to create a simple autonomous VI which uses the full functionality of your robot code.

All the best,