New to CD...

Hey everybody…
I’d just like to congratulate everybody who is and was involved in the making of this great site! I think that it is cool that (for the most part) everybody respects one another and that people are so willing to help other people out. Keep up the good work.


… And I think the whole Cake thing by my name is definately cool…

Welcome to brother of Katie. You only get that cake icon once a year btw, which means it’s your Birthday!! Weeee…

Anyways, welcome to CD as we regulars call it, and enjoy your stay!

Hello neighboring Pewaukee,
Good to see some of Pewaukee showing up on Chief Delphi. Try to get more of your team to be active Chief Delphi surfing people. If there is anything that you need let us at Team 930 (Mukwonago) know. . . See you at the kickoff in 39 days

Another Reynolds… uhh ohh…

Welcome aboard the U.S.S. Chief Delphi.

Welcome to our community! And, Happy Birthday!

Hi Chris Reynold, and Happy Birthday. Remember to pick up a zip file of Sonic CD Mazes around January. Welcome to Chief Delphi.

oh man its katie’s brother, everyone head for the hills :stuck_out_tongue:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! throws confetti!**
yeah, def, that cake logo is soooooooo cool! i want one!
well welcome to CD! u’re going to spend an uncanny amount of time here, lol :smiley:

Happy Late Birthday! WWWWWWEEEEE!

And welcome to the CD family!! (You’ll soon findout we are a twisted bunch…)