new to delphi names chris parks and im new to delphi. im on team 16 the bomb squad of mountain home arkansas. just wanted to start getting use to it so…check out my profile or whatever goes down here and talk to me.thanks


Welcome to CD!

Just a reminder, make sure you search before posting, and catagorize your posts into the proper folders!

Hope we can help you out, and vice versa.


welcome to the family!


Welcome! Just remember, Baker is God! Well not really, I just couldn’t think of anything inspirational to say.

Anyone from Mountain Home is welcome here. We have been there twice for post season competitions when you were holding them. Nice town, great high school, good and friendly people and how can you go wrong with a Navy fighter in the front of school? Is “cruising the loop” still the thing to do?
Say Hi to everyone.

Welcome to Chief Delphi, use these forums as a guide to the FIRST world. Here you can find the answers to almost any question and you can, and will find new friends from all over the world. Remember that when you post here you are a representative of your team and the whole FIRST community to anyone who is just browsing this site, so remember the words of a great person, “Ask yourself, would that make your grandmother proud?” when you type anything.
If you need anything at all just ask, but use the search function before you as a question to make sure that it hasn’t been covered before.
IM me at greenguy365 if you ever need anything

Welcome to CD!

Welcome to CD! A more helpful forum I have never found. Just ask if you need something.

You’ll definitely find CD useful and entertaining, and, sometimes, thought provoking.

Hope you enjoy it here!