New to Java

This is our second year competing with FIRST Robotics. Last year we used LabView and this year we decided to change somethings up by using Java. I have some questions:

  1. Is there a manual I can look at for programming in Java for this competition?
  2. How do you deploy Java code to the cRIO (perhaps some kinda manual hence question number 1 can help me out here)?

Thank you so much!! :slight_smile:

I’ll make you a video tutorial :slight_smile:

Do you have a robot with a basic drive train to load the code onto?

Yes Sir! We will use the robot from last year. :smiley:
Thank you so much!!

I’m assuming it’s a pretty basic drivetrain but we’ll make it do some fancy stuff.

Yes it is a basic drive train. And that would be great!

Yes it is a basic drive train. And that would be great!

do you have anyone on the team who has programmed in java before?

if not that’s okay, I’ll give a brief overview when walking you through the code.

you’ll need to sign up for a drop box account, then i’ll add you so you can download the code for getting started, I’ll be posting the video to too.

You’ll have to excuse the quality, it was made in my basement at midnight, I figured you would be more concerned with the content :slight_smile:

There are also some great sample codes provided by other FRC teams on the internet. (maintained mentor of a New York FRC/FTC team) has some excellent presentations in both Java/C++/Specialty(?) you can look at, public!

Here’s his Java page:

There are also some great example codes provided by other FRC teams out there on the internet.
Off the top of my head, They have some excellent tutorials.


Hope this helps.

I am done making my account with Screencast. My screename is Vignesh56 using the email

sent you the invite to the drop box. you should get it shortly

Wow. This is great stuff sir. Thank you from Team 3283! :slight_smile:

Mind if I get a an invite?


it’s been sent, you should get it shortly

Also if you need a reference to a stray method or class check out :slight_smile:

Also, both sets of FRC plug-ins (NetBeans and Eclipse) should come with examples in addition to the ones mentioned previously - and some of the plug-ins come with help content on launching projects and such. Though I may be a little late mentioning this as it seems CD has already given you lots to get started with :slight_smile:


Can you post the link so we can watch the screen cast?

Also, I have written soem geting started stuff (Netbeans + java):


Here is our resources page:

Here is how to get started with netbeans:

Hope this helps.

Hey wouuld you mind sending me the code aswell? I am from team 2895