New to LabVIEW and looking for help!

Ok, so my team is pretty small (about 15 members) and our only programmer left recently. We have had no programming mentors so far and nobody knows how to code. I plan on learning how to program the robot in LabVIEW, but I have absolutely no idea how LabVIEW works.
I found a few things on the FIRST site and around here, but with the new changes, I’m not sure how things are supposed to work.

  1. How different is it going to be to program with the roboRIO from the cRIO?
  2. What is the code supposed to even look like?
  3. How do I begin the code?
  4. Is it possible for me to learn all this before competition?

Thanks to everyone!

sorry that i wont be that useful but i can answer number 4 which is yes you will be able to.

Here is the answers to your questions.

1)The RobotRIO and the cRIO are nearly identical. there are a few changes, mainly to do with where ports and PWM are located. for omr info check this link:

  1. Code is a very linear progression, similar to text based languages. Labview is just easier to visualize, (inputs on the left and top of blocks, outputs on the right and bottom of blocks, there are LOADS of examples, and it is fairly easy to compile these examples into working code. (The examples are located under the support tab when you first open Labview (make sure you have the updates and utilities installed)

3)You answered your own question here, start in the This is a “Robot map” you state what is located where. And the code is very similar for motors, solenoids, sensors, etc. (use the open block, then use the set referum name block, wire them together and make a constant on the name. Past that (in just use the get referum and set(for actuators) and the get(for sensors)

4)Yes, it is possible to learn all this, I can try to find you some generic example code, or you can PM me and I can help you out more) you may not learn all the tips and tricks, but you will be able to make functioning robot code.

Feel free to PM me

Thank you guys so much! I feel pretty stressed about all of this, especially since most teams seem to already have a lot more done than my team. Knowing that I can get help from all of you does boost my confidence. :heartpulse:

I’m going to look through all the examples as soon as I get LabVIEW from my coach. :slight_smile:

You can get labview from this link here:

Then all you need is the S/N which on the outside of the labview packet to activate it.

Create a new robot in FRC LabView and you have a working BLT. Learn more, do more.
Run through the tutorials, you’ll learn a lot in a week.


Thanks guys! I’ll be running through tutorials until next week. Hopefully, I’ll have the drive train to start practicing on. :smiley: