New to LabView NT tables

We are new to using LabView NT tables and are having problems getting them to work. We see how they are used in the default code when you start a new project, eg. the autonomous selector drop-down list box. We tried replicating the format in order to send values from the RoboRio to the DS without luck. We put an NT_Write in the RoboRio code and an NT_Read in the DS code. Both were named with the same identifier string. Nothing. Do we need to initialize them somewhere?

We are running the RoboRio code ‘off the PC’ and are not doing a full deploy and ‘set as startup’ etc - not sure if that would be the issue.:confused: :confused: :confused:

You do not need to deploy. But you do need to run the driver station because it will find both the robot and dashboard and tells the dashboard which robot to connect to. This is primarily to allow simulation to work seamlessly.

Greg McKaskle

Hi Greg,

I have a question about this new process. Since this is all done with network tables now can i do the following?

I want to put my video processing on a small computer and run a LabVIEW exe that only does the vision stuff. Can I use the NT VI’s to send data to and from the desk top using the same structures since it will still be on the same network?

I am guessing that it would work but I haven’t gotten to that point yet int he code. We may or may not need to do this offload of vision processing but I just want to have a good feeling about what we are doing. I know how to make the network stuff go without the NT server but if all i need to do is create the read and write the same way that we do for communicating between the RoboRio and the Dashboard then that is one less thing I need to work on.

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Again, the thing that the the vision app would need is the IP address of the robot. This is a parameter to the NT Client or Bind function. If all laptops have names and they can participate in mDNS or a DNS server is present, use the names and things should just work. It can also be solved by using more static IP settings.

But if you know the robot IP, a LV app can just join in and share data by using the NT VIs.

Greg McKaskle

Speaking of robot IP this year, it seems that the RoboRio is on DHCP and gets an IP from the WiFi router. In past years that was always a fixed IP. is that going to be an issue when we connect to FMS? Is there a way to simulate the FMS at home?

This is similar to how it was recommended to work last year. The FMS also runs a DHCP server, so the way the radio is programmed is intended to mimic how the field will work.

Greg McKaskle