New to programming, any tips?

I recently joined a local team, and I need some help. I have been assigned as webmaster, since I know html and such, but they also are having me help on programming. I know some JavaScript and some C++ but not much. Any Tips from the community?

Which language? Labview, Java, C++, python…?

Join the mechanical team :slight_smile:

But seriously you have come to the right place. Start buy devouring everything you can.

I’m pretty sure java.

Also they said something about an android app. I’m thinking about asking to switch teams, but would love to learn something new.

Are they asking you to create an Android app for the team?

That would certainly be a different assignment then robot programming…

I think so. This is all a bit confusing. Sorry if I’m in the wrong place. :confused:

Sorry I’m quite confused. Am I in the wrong thread?

We’re glad to help! We just need to know exactly what you’re working on. If you are looking for help on Android app development, however, Chief Delphi probably won’t be your number one source. As an Android dev myself I can point you in the right direction, feel free to send me a PM.