New to programming need some help

Hello there fellow programmers!
I am new to this forum and to programing robots.
We are in the Vex competition in our High School club and we will be entering the FIRST :slight_smile:
We are currently doing VeX as a start and I am the programmer
I was wondering if anyone out there could send me some good tutorials or pages that could help me use RobotC (program we use to code) because I am new


Take a look at the Dennis Ritchie/ Brian Kernighan book The C Programming Language for general C reference (RobotC’s very much like C.) and the help on the RobotC website.

The RobotC website is
They have a lot of good info there

I’ve found their wiki to be extremely helpful. They have different portals and articles for PIC, CORTEX, and IQ.

There’s also a full set of video lessons and tutorial activities for ROBOTC at

Welcome to the forum. In our engineering program, we did use vex with robotC. It, indeed, is a good place to start because it will teach the basics of C programming. Also, I think it is actually based of something like c10. RobotC, I think, is just a library of commands and an interface to make it easier for beginners. Also, another plus is that it is well-documented.

ROBOTC programs also run inside a virtual machine on the target microcontroller, which makes it basically impossible to accidentally brick the uC, and also gives you an easy real-time debugger and intrinsic multitasking, among other features. Running in a virtual machine also means you can run the same program on a desktop computer with Robot Virtual Worlds.

Wow, toss’em into the WayBack machine :slight_smile:

BTW, I concur.

(I have a very early edition of the book cited)

Can’t beat K&R :slight_smile: