New to programming pneumatics. Compressor help needed

I have been doing some programming for a few years, but this is the first year my team has decided to do pneumatics after some alumni had problems with it. No one that is currently on the team has any pneumatic experience. I am programming in Labview and was wondering if there was a way that the compressor turns on and off automatically, or is that something that needs to be programmed in. If so, how and where do I do that?

As long as everything is wired correctly, then all you should need is a solenoid instantiation. This wil have the PCM turn the compressor off at 120psi and then back on at about 100psi. This is required to compete with pneumatics

It’s fairly simple. Read the link below.

You do not need to wire all your pneumatics. Wire up your roboRIO, PDP and PCM with power and CAN wiring. Measure voltage coming off the PCM (Comp out) to verify actual voltage. Get a wire to short between the Pressure SW in the PCM to simulate the opening and closing of the pressure switch. Connect to the roboRIO via your USB B port and you should be able to verify that system works as a programmer.

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