New to Vegas

Hello all! I am new to Vegas. I moved from Fresno, CA and I am really lost. I was in a FIRST Robotics team there and I am really missing it. In the team, I was the CAD and scouting leader. I am starting college and I really want to be part of FIRST once again. If there is anyone out there from a Vegas team that would maybe let me hang around, it would be great. I have already taken a good long look at this years game and it looks great!

If you haven’t already been given someinformation, I obtained this for you from the site.

The Las Vegas Regional will be March 31-Apr 2, 2005 at the Thomas & Mack Arena at UNLV. You may consider volunteering for this since it’s in your town and all.

If you’d prefer to work with a team, the following teams are listed in the Las Vegas area.

987-990 are all teams in the Las Vegas area.
1703 is a rookie team in Las Vegas as well.

Of those teams, 988, 989, and 1703 seem to be tied to UNLV (I might assume you go there or somewhere close?).

If you’d like to follow up on this information, the site is here. Good luck!

Here are some Las Vegas team websites:

Team 987
Team 989
Team 990

Maybe you can find their contact information there. I’m sure they’d love to have you mentor.