New Tooling Vendor Questionnaire

Hey everyone, if you have some time I’d really appreciate if you could spend a minute or 2 filling out this new product/vendor survey for me, it’s currently for drill bits but eventually I’ll have ones out for end mills, inserts, reamers, annular cutters, and work holding among other things.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Edit: I also want to point out that part of our strategy is also going to be education aimed at FRC/students, our site and listings will be loaded with information of what the differences between all options are, for example the coatings/materials and why you would use 1 over another. There’s a lot of stuff out there on the web but often people don’t know what to search for or it’s hard to digest for people not familiar with the topics.

On top of that we want to provide fusion 360 libraries for our tools as well as much technical data of the tools as possible (If you wish to GWizard or HSMAdivsor yourself) and feed and speeds info for different machines you commonly see in FRC.


Hey CD, I put up the above questionnaire a while back for drill bits everyone is using/would like another vendor for, which went well and I now have some samples in house that are going under some testing!

In the mean time we’ve been testing some end mills over the past season and we think we’ve nailed down a supplier for those. I have some free samples we’d like to give out to the public for testing and feedback, if you’re interested please fill out this new questionnaire: Free Product Samples