New update to Supervisely, not working with Axon

With the new update to Supervisely the download as β†’ Json + images button was removed. I did find a different json download but when I put it into axon it gave me an error. Does anyone know how to download it in a way that will work?

Heard a rumor we might hear from roboflow this year.

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What is roboflow?

We’re an end-to-end computer vision platform that helps collect, annotate, create/explore datasets, and train/deploy models. Free if you open source your data. A ton of FRC teams (and other robotics competition teams) have used it.

One of our interns is working on some open source stuff to help FRC teams with the autonomous challenges next year.


Ok, I’ll have a look. The only reason I’m using Supervisely is because it was shown on wpilib.

How do I use it on a Raspberry Pi?

Nevermind I figured it out

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