new update!


the new update says to render in targas format. is this required? our team has render the whole animation as avi already! does this mean we have to re render every stupid thing! if so i call foul on FIRST with what 1 week left they totally screw us. plz i am hoping this is noot the case and the targas is just a suggestino and not required becasue then i will be reall, really mad. our animation is done and is looks good, we dont need to test compression. plz this is a matter of life and death. tell me im right and targas is jsut a suggestion and not required.

read it again very carefully and you will see that it is a tip from the technical resource section of the 3ds Max website.

So to answer you question, no you don’t have to render it as a series of targas.

that’s what i thought but my coanim ators had different views thx for your reassurance