new usfirst dot org?

Is something going on at my domain name server? is not going to the place I expected. Getting a bank instead that claims to be
Anyone else with this problem?

Getting the same thing.

Possible reboot of usfirst in order?

You’re visiting instead of

FIRST isn’t very good at the internet.

FIRST, I am dissapoint.

Hmmm. Both of your links went to the same place.

Both of those pages actually bring me to the U.S. FIRST homepage.

Firefox 6.0.2, if anyone was wondering.

Ditto here, both on the statement and the browser version.

It appears to have changed since I posted. Perhaps a DNS change was propagating as this thread was going on.

Both links take me to the FIRST website in Safari 5.1 and Chrome 14 . I dont recall there ever being a DNS problem with the website.

It appears FIRST fixed the problem. It was redirecting me to the holding page earlier with the “www.”, and it no longer does so. is currently pointed to akamai, while is not. I don’t know if this is new or not. If it is new, it could be that FIRST is expecting an influx of traffic.

FIRST looks like they’re using Akamai’s CDN now for the www.

They’re hosting the domain root somewhere that can handle some traffic, as well; as opposed to just their dinky T1.

Earlier today (Friday) the FRCTEAMS twitter account said “I just learned the website is down. IT promises it will be back up by 5PM. Hang in there!”