New vex cortex and motor controllers

My electrical team has been looking at the new cortex, 4 wire “phone jack” they wonder how we will connect the “phone jack” to a PWM motor controller…cut the wire, special adapter, other? thanks

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I think you’re talking about the v5 system. Ports A-H, opposite the power button, are standard PWM ports.


Also see:

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The above two posts are correct and have good information.

The 4P4C connectors (the phone jack cable) are for RS485 communication. You can’t splice a PWM cable onto the end of the V5 Smart Cable (the phone cable looking cables) and use it to control motor controllers. It’s a completely different way of communicating.

The only ports that can output PWM are the ones @Taylor mentioned above.


@bernieseaholm Also look into purchasing the 3-wire expander when you run out of ports.

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