New Vex Event: SERVO

This year SERVO is going NASCAR, MONSTER Trucks, Pit stops, obstacles, and more fun than you can shake a servo at. All teams will be issued an R/C truck body (approx. 6” x 12”) of clear plastic. This body is to be painted, sooped-up, decked out, and attached in some way to the VEX robot, creating the Monster Truck. Bodies will be mailed to teams who register no later than September 12. After that date, truck bodies will be available at the door. For teams registering at the door, truck bodies will be available subject to availability. Teams may find and use their own bodies, but it must be decorated by the team, not purchased pre-painted, decaled, etc.

SERVO is the South forsyth Eagle-Robotic Vex Open sponsored by South Forsyth High School, in Cumming, GA (a North Atlanta suburb). SERVO is a workshop for the new school year and robot clubs to learn about the Vex platform and competing in a FIRST-like competition. It will be held on Saturday, 9/22 from 8:00 - 5:00

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Mannie Lowe