New Vex Gears and Omniwheels

check The new Gear kit offers a hole bunch of new possibilites for vex. And you get a whole lot for $19.

The omni wheels aren’t as amazing since they already had a smaller version, but are cool nonetheless.

Here are the links:

sweet, so many new possiblities

awesome, can’t wait till next year’s FVC

Worm gears? Awesome!

To see some of the new parts in action:

Our “differential swerve” robot. It uses a differential in the rear and perpendicularly placed small omniwheels in front: (Close Up View) (Bottom View) (Top View)

Holomonic with the new large omniwheels: (Bottom View) (Top View)

If you are in the NJ area, stop by Monty Madness this Saturday and take a turn driving these two robots. They’ll be available all day to drive, we built them just for the purpose of letting everyone have a chance to drive them.

how in the world did you get the gear kit and wheel kit so fast?

Our team is helping to run the FVC Offseason tournament at Monty Madness this Saturday. We contacted VexLabs asking if we could be sent the parts as soon as possible so that we could demonstrate the new parts to the public. We did not “win” the opportunity to have these parts, nor did we beta-test them. Although, I can say they are great parts and a very worthwhile purchase.

I saw this at Monty Madness and was amazed.

Particularly with the differentials, I feel compelled to need to get five sets with all deliberate speed in time for next year.

I ordered 3 sets of the new gears… I have big plans for them :slight_smile:

im looking forward to experimenting with some of the new gears once my team orders a kit.


Time for a “duh” question. We received the (eagerly awaited) Advanced Gear Kit but are having trouble inserting 3 bevel gears into the differential. Since the lip of the bevel gear nests into 2 of the holes on the differential, when you insert gear #1, it’s locked in place and prevents the insertion of gear #2. We tried inserting 2 gears simultaneously, but nothing seems to go into place without potentially bending plastic. What are we missing?

I don’t have any of the Vex differentials yet to play with, but I used to use the LEGO ones extensively. For those, I always inserted the center bevel gear first. Next, I would slide/rotate the two outer bevel gears into place (without the shafts), and when everything was lined up I would insert the shafts into the two outer bevel gears through the differential housing.

LEGO differentials/bevel gears don’t have the nesting/locking lip – you slide the gears in place without blockage and anchor them with an axle. We finally got the gears into place by force, bending the plastic until they snapped into place. I’m wondering if there’s a better way – we ruined several links of tank tread from too much force applied by impatient fingers, and with only one differential per kit, I can see hard-earned pennies quickly going down the drain. Makes me wistful for the the days of differentials at Pitsco – pack of 50 for $6.

nice time to order some new parts