New Victor SP Motor Controllers - Anyone else having issues?

Hi everyone,
So we decided to use the new Victor SP motor controllers this year for our drive train, but for some reason the left side of our drive train seems to be kicking in earlier and moving faster in comparison to the right side. We have ruled out pwm wiring, as well as any coding issues as potential sources of the problem. We have also tried calibrating the motor controllers several times and have checked over all other wiring numerous times. Has anyone else had this issue?


Are you sure it isn’t a mechanical issue? One side could be tighter than the other.
Getting an oscilloscope or something similar to check the Talon output or inputs could help. I am not that familiar with them so I don’t know if you could just do a multimeter test there.

I had a similar issue today. Have you made sure that the motors on each side of the drivetrain are going the same direction? If they are fighting each other on one side, then that side would go slower.

Also, as asid61 mentioned, you can test the outputs of your talons with a multimeter to make sure that its not actually a mechanical problem.

We had the same issue with our second robot, even direct wiring the motors to the battery. One side ran smoothly, the other was slow and surging. We took off all the chain and wheels, and it was still doing it. We took the gearbox off the AM14U2 chassis and noticed that one of the CIM pinions was pushed against the cluster gear much closer than the other (and closer than other gear mesh throughout the gearbox). We rotated that CIM 180 degrees around its axis, and put in a bit more grease for good measure, and the problem cleared up.

My team has the same issue. When we go forward, my left victors are red (full reverse) while the right victors are green (full forward). Thus, the left is moving slower than the right. I don’t know how to fix it. Pls help me!