New video I want an opinion on

Hi guys, I’ve got something new. I’ve posted a link to the website that my video is on. I just entered it into a contest and I wan’t to know how good (or bad) it is. Download it, don’t view it off the website because it stretches the video a bit and it screws things up.

PS It sounds terrible in surround sound. alas, I don’t have surround sound so I can;t listen to it and fix it. It also sounds a litle metallic because of the compression.

Tell me what you think! :smiley:

Probably a stupid question:
Where is the link?

I’m an idiot. sigh :rolleyes:
sorry about that, heres the link:

If the link doesn’t work, search for “acoustic rhythms” as the title or “crazy mixer” As my artist name. (I usually put my music on this account but I found I could put my video’s on it too)

Looks good but I have one nitpick: The bass strings should get lower in pitch when they’re shorter, not longer. Lengthening the string will only lower the pitch if the tension stays constant (ie a guitar or violin). This appears to be working more like a stretched rubberband. Other than that tho, it’s really awsome!

Wow that is really cool…how long did that take to make?

I like it. I love animations of things that dont exist in the real world - esp when you create new things, like new musical instruments.

How easy would it be to change the view point of the camera?

The camera seems pretty static, only changes a few times. It would be more interesting if you zoomed in, maybe 25% of the time, synched with the music.

Its hard to see much detail from the wide angle view.

thats sweet nice music and animation. btw what program did you use?

I had the impresion the instrument was stopping down (fretting) the string, not pulling it.

Depending on what the string is made of you wouldn’t need to pull it very far to double its pitch, but if you are fretting the string then twice the length gives half the pitch. That appears to be the relationship in the video.

am i stupid or misunderstanding? If the tension in the string is constant, then a longer string will be lower than a short one. I play bass guitar, and i know that if you play an open string (no fingers on the frets) it will be lower than when my fingers are on the 5th fret, which is lower than the 10th fret. this is why those squealing guitar solos are played way up the neck by the body. shorter string = higher pitch.

I think what he means is the less tension there is on a string, the lower the pitch will be. Take a rubber band, stretch it out, and then pluck it. Then relieve the rubber band a little bit, and pluck it. The pitch will be lower.

It appears as if the string is being stretched and relieved, rather than being fretted.

Man! You guys are quick!

The main thing seems to be with the strings. The idea was that the strings were to be pinched at one point like you would on a guitar, and that point changes with the pitch. The tension was constant. However, the due date for the contest was coming up fast (To quote Douglas Adams: “I love deadlines, I love the wooshing noise they make as they go by”) and so I kinda improvised by using that moving cylinder, not realizing it looked like it was stretching the string.

For Bill Hancoc: It took about a month to make.

For KenWittlief: It would be easy to change the camera view, the problem is the render time. I’ll probably get around to it eventually.

For Fimmel: I used The trial version of acid xpress 5 to make the music, And plain old 3dsmax6 for the actual animation. Everything you see was keyframed, no plug-ins or anything.

P.S. Have you guys ever seen animusic? Its really awesome and it was made on 3dsmax too. (that’s where I got the idea for this)

Thanks for your opinions on this, it really means a lot to me. :]

Ya, I saw an amazing Animusic at Fry’s that I’ve been wanting to duplicate (I mean, I was inspired by it), once I find time to wrap my head around MaxScript. It had pipes shooting tons of metal balls that just happened to hit instruments (marimba, drums, etc.) to make a melody. Truly fantastic.

It’s pretty obvious where you got your idea, and it’s pretty good - I like it.

Good job! This is some nice work.

I’d even go so far as to say its on-par with some of the Animistic videos :slight_smile: .

I can’t say I like Animistic (I thought it was kinda dull) but I admire your use of 3dsmax to sync music to video.

I don’t know if you knew this, but the instruments in Animistic were actually programed to sync to the notes of the music. There was no human intervention in animating the clips; the instruments literaly ‘played themselves’.

I’m no animator, but I would be interested to know if you can do this with our version of 3dsmax, or if it takes a special program.

A man! I love that one! it’s called pipe dream. Did you know there is two of them?

I like the video (and music).

It’s very similiar to Animusic. And it’s nice to see another animator duplicate something like it. I just noticed that two of the large string players don’t play at the end. Is that part of the music or just an animation ‘oops’?

Was the big thing in the center supposed to be a big light? It took me a while to catch that. It does blend in with the white background a little.

This reminds me of a show I used to watch called Eye Drops, yet for some reason it isn’t played anymore… Anyway like what Nate said about the white light a lot of the time it bends into the background and you see this massive while cylinder in the center and you sit there going, meh there is something blocking my view…
I love the background, I love the textures. A few things did bother me though, that was some of the instruments move so fast they would jump one frame and be back to normal the next. Also hmm no also other than that I think it was great. Very minor things here and there, very good job.

good animation and good timing but…

It looks like your only using white lighting. use different colors of light in different areas. Like only casting light on what u want to draw attention to. Animate the lights, think of it as a stage in a theater. Change the lighting frequently too, constant white light is just too plain for my taste. Also put light where you least expect it to come from, it always makes the video a little more interesting. (example: when the drum stick hits the target, there could be a small colorful explosion of light.)

But wonderful Idea! I can see where you where inspired by animusic. I can never get any of my projects done cause i lose interest too fast. I love creative way of making the music interments.

thanks guys! I was really worried about the light in the center. I didn’t realize until after the rendering that the light blended in, and I didn’t have enough time to do much lighting (notice there’s no shadows). Maybe I’m just a pessimist :-). If you look at the strings you’ll see that the are attached to the drums when used, but not attached when not in use. At the end, the reason why 2 strings didn’t come down was because the drums they attached to were being used.
Thanks again, I’ll remember your suggestions when I do my next video :smiley: