New VR Fun

Anyone try out the new VR update. Controlling and scoring with the robot is so hard. Pretty fun though.

So I’ve known that VR was a thing but how do you get it to work??

If you want the full experience, need an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive (i think Vive something HTC). You can use other smaller headsets to view the field but won’t be able to interact with field elements and such

Or Windows Mixed Reality, any steamvr supporting headset.

We started doing field familiarization for the entire Drive Team last week with Version 1. Most have become true Deep Space Jedies by now.
Today, we loaded Version 2 and started getting familiarized with the Robot Driving features of the VR field, at the same time studying some game scenarios. Working with the hand controllers’ touchpads to control the robot is pretty tricky indeed.
We will spend some time assessing the Robot Driving features with a XBox Controller. Hopefully it will be more obvious and create less discraction from doing actual training and evaluation on the field.
I love the enhancements that were made to the field, including the ability to drop and release the Cargo Vehicle floor, the game timer and sound effects.
Finally, is it just me or are those canons firing game pivces way too powerfully???

PS: We are working with a HTC Vive Pro with dual controllers and dual base stations. The computer end of the kit is a MSI Leopard GP63 running a NVidia GTX1060 graphics processor. It’s a really nice set-up for that field.

Started playing with it today on an Oculus Rift… amazing… and disorientating…
Looking forward to showing the team at our next session and having some fun…

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Getting it to work at its best is still somewhat of a pricey adventure. We are running a HTC Vive Pro with dual base stations and dual hand controllers. Our workshop allows to build a playing space that’s about 15ft X 15ft.
The procesing end of the kit is a MSI Leopard GP63 laptop running a NVidia GTX 1060 graphics processor. Automation Direct recommends that a GTX 1070 be used, but I find the GTX 1060 to be suitable at maximum resolution.
I’m investigating using a XBox controller to drive the VR robot because I find the Hand Controller controls to be too finicky and it becomes too easy to mix up field control and robot controller, even after some time under the headset.

No doubt that the immersion in to the world of virtual reality is quite pricey!

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I tried controlling the robot using a XBox Controller today and it definitely is an improvement over using the touchpads. There is a bit of juggling to do to set and start the game up with one or both Hand Controllers, then switch to the XBox Controller during game play, but it’s worth it.

That is good to hear. We will give that a try tomorrow. Thanks for the update!

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I can’t wait for a multi-player capability on such VR fields to arise. This is basic stuff for SteamVR, so it should not take too much effort to implement.
It would make it possible to have someone onto the VR field to act either as a partner(s) or human player. Although the robot driving is fun, it is limited by the fact that loading pieces at the loading station (especially Hatch Panels) requires one to “abandon” the running game and set-up all over again.

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