New Website being created !

Hey All,

With at least 1 day to go before the practice and competition days takes over Week#4 I have decided to work on something a bit constructive.

I’m building a website in which will allow you be able to get to the information quickly and easily!

The content of the website will host the following.

Team Rosters (Information Reguarding Team# / School Name and Location [similar to the white paper I posted in January])

The Game Manuals and Team Updates (Information Reguarding Game rules and other important information)

An Event Calendar (Information Reguarding upcoming events and due dates for FIRST Related projects [autocad / chairmans etc…])

A miscellaneous section for Flash / HTML / MS Office based game utilities that you the teams create. All you have to do is send me a link to d/l the game or utility and I’ll link it to my website that way there’s always a copy of it available.

A Useful links area. (the only 2 useful ones I know is FIRST / Chiefdelphi oh and Innovation FIRST)

The Link to this will be

Edit:// 25% of it has been uploaded. You should find the 2003 and 2004 Team Roster accessible as well as the Competition Pit Timer created by Team 810 the Mechanical Bulls and the Score/Rank/Award Booklet created by myself.

It looks like it’ll be good when finished. One thing I might say is that if you could reduce the amount of variation in the background, it might be slightly easier on the eyes. 'Course, that’s just my opinion. :slight_smile:

Nice site so far. :slight_smile:

Ok Changed the font to a solid white. Is there anything else I should include on my website. Remember this will pretty much be a 20MB Temp HD with 16MB Left lol. I see it as a HD b/c its only got like 3 HTML pages and nearing 1/2 a dozen zip files. In any case. If you would like any of your “small” creations to be kept for alternate Team Access. Send me the file via email SEE PROFILE FOR EMAIL I’ll be more then glad to upload it to my site.

2003 FLASH / HTML Game is now available to d/l at my site
2004 " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " "

Links to FIRST’s 2003 Rule Book and Competition now uploaded
" " " " " 2004 " " " " " " "

How is the site that i have created thus far. Would you like any changes to be made to it!

when i open it it has about 5 popups sayin stack overflow at line:0

Ok It has been determined that

Internet Explorer has picked up a stack overflow at line 0 when loading this page
Netscape Navigator has not picked up this said error.

Those with Mozilla and Fire Fox and other such browers need to let me know if you do or do not get this error.

Those who know webpage design I could use some help in finding out if its a problem with the HTM coding or if its just Microsucks problem

I use IE6 (with all the latest updates installed) and had no issues opening and viewing your website.
You have also done a good job with the site so far. :slight_smile:

how do you use the pit timer?

There is a read me file with the pit timer . this was created by T.810 The Mech. Bulls in 2002.

The way it works is The time already there is taken from the computer

Where Round 0 is you may change that to your next match
Where the 0:00 is where you imput the scheduled match time. so for 1:15 PM you would input 13:15 which will auto matically convert to the standard 12 hr.

You may change the message it displays and the Backround while counting down in the *.cfg file also located in the ZIP.

Any questions feel free to direct them to a member of 810
and like I said theres a read me file there so check it out first. Its a fairly simple program and doesn’t reuqire much effort esp since we are already concentrated on fixing a robot and not a PC program j/k :]

Even though one of 2 items really don’t count anymore:

2003 FIRST Calendar
2004 FIRST Calendar - Additional Items to be added: Off- Season Events and Corresponding Info.

Are now uploaded

I haven’t been working on this website lately but I did add maybe one or two small things.

  1. A drop down menu of teams with websites - this is taken from the 2004 roster. Beats having to open that large file to look for a website when all you have to do is scroll down to find it now.

  2. I also added a couple of small links. Parallax (P-Basic), FIRST Q&A.

                                  Thats really about it  

Any ideas or suggestions you know where to find me !


Awesome, This website will be very useful for next year’s competition.

Ok Guys Its that Time:

Thats right time to help me =)

Listen I having issues implenting some JAVA into my website

Heres What I am trying to do:

  1. I want a JAVA Application to load when the url of my website is opened.
  2. I want the JAVA App. to stay open for about 5 - 7 secs and then forwarding to the actual website.

I am using a program which has been rejected by most but is quite useful for rookies that myself and others can understand - Microsoft Frontpage 2003
I would like to get a better web designing program but they’re fairly expensive.

Thanks for any help in advance!!!

You want a timed redirect? I think that can be done in script. But I don’t actually know how.

For finidng info on time delays using java(if you are so inclined to do) go here and follw the instructions…just set up the page like any normal one then have the URL redirect to be to the new page that you want. This site will probably answer many questions you have in the actual code, not sure what it can do for your program though. Good luck and feel free to PM me if you get stuck on anything…

-Steve Howland

You could do a meta refresh

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="7" URL="">

This will start a 7-second countdown once the page has finished loading to load the website given. You can stick it in the <head> element. A better way is actually changing the headers through PHP, but it doesn’t look like your host will let you do that. Unless you really want to use Java, this is far easier and more efficient. Hope that helps.

I use Mozilla and i have had no problem with loading the page or whatsoever…

my opinion about the site:

  1. the site looks awesome

  2. great resource for FIRST teams (if they want to know about other teams, manuals and such)

  3. if you could add some white papers which is on chiefdelphi (like drive trains, calculation papers and such), might help rookies out and also the veterans.

  4. it would be easier to read all the words very easily if the background was faded out a little bit.

  5. if you think its alright then add more links such as FIRSTWiki and soap108. (i personally use them a lot for sources).

  6. it would be nice to have previous year’s (1992-2002) game objective… (that way a lot of newbies and other who doesnt know about the previous games would learn about it).

Great job on the site… good luck… :slight_smile:

I thank you for ure suggestions reguarding the FIRSTProjects website and the background will most probably change as soons as i can find something that looks good.

AS for my question from earlier this week, this would be in reguards to another website i’m working on and i will also go forward with ure suggestions.

Please Keep your suggestions coming so that the growth of FIRSTProjects can continue. FYI: FIRSTPojects website is run off a tripod server which is free =) to some extent and after some new additions that you would like to see I hope to keep it on that free server. Anyone having any extra space on thier servers and looking for someone to share the server with I would be more then glad to share… For the moment though Webspace is not an issue and I will notify you guys when the space starts getting smaller.

Improvements to FIRSTProjects porbably won’t take place till the end of either this or next week.


If you would like to have your white papers on ure site plz let me know how you want it done (E.G. A link to Your whitepaper thats stored on CD, or you want the whole white paper on the site)

As the 2005 season approaches and its approaching rather quickly, I want to know if a complete 2005 FIRST Team Roster will be useful for scouting uses.

If you would like the 2005 roster please let me know, If I get enough responses I’ll make it up quickly as soon as team registration for FIRST is officially completed ( if it isn’t already ) I will draft up a 2005 roster probably by mid - december

Roster will include Team Number / School & sponsor(s) / Web address if applicable / Team location and maybe some other stuff if it isn’t that big of a job.

Are the people praising this site seeing the same thing I am? I’m a bit perplexed because I’m seeing Comic Sans on a black and purple background that’d get laughed out of 1996.

The gracious professionalism police will have a field day with this one! Doesn’t mean I’m not serious.