New Website: FRC 3122

The Eagles have recently came up with a new website. you can find it at Please reply with any comments or suggestions or click the contact us link in the menu of the website.

Thank you!

Adam Miller
Web Designer
The Eagles
FRC Team 3122

Gosh! Your students must be quite busy! 11 students isn’t too much.

Do you have a team logo? As it is, the site is lacking a unique identity which a logo or some kind of branding would help with.

We are currently trying to come up with a new name to distinguish ourselves from our school. Hopefully soon we will have a new logo. We have a very artsy student on the team and he has already submitted some design ideas.

Also, any ideas for a new name?

The website is looking good. It would be nice if you had the location of the team and the school that you are affiliated with somewhere on the website.

As for names, be creative and have fun. At Lake Superior last year, some of my favorite team names were The 12 Pretty Duckies, Quack Attack, YME Stingbots, and Scitobors. I remember these names even though I don’t have a clue as to what their robots looked like. If your name is creative enough, some unprepared alliance captain might just pick your team because your name is the only one they can think of when it is their turn to pick.

Whatever you do, please please please do not make your name something like Eagle Bots, Robotic Eagles, or Robo-Eagles. If you would like to incorporate eagles, at least be creative. I don’t know maybe like e.gulls, losing is ileagle, or the eagle has landed.

You went to Lake Superior? That is the regional that we go to. Thank you for your advice on the names.

It looks like you guys are using Wordpress. If you need help with your site just let me know! I am the web master for my team.